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Class 4 Curriculum – Summer 2017

Dear Parents,

Welcome back. I hope that you all enjoyed a relaxing Easter break. This is an outline of the subjects covered this term.  Where it is applicable, I have included some website links to support your child’s learning.

Geography/History – Having concentrated more heavily on history based topics for most of this academic year, our attention now turns to a more geographical focus looking at global localities and comparing our awareness more locally at what settlements are and how they change with time. A lot of this will be covered at Stibbington residential where we will undertake fieldwork, map reading and a hands-on river study.

English – Firstly, we will finish our work on The Highwayman and much of our English focus will be stimulated from our eagerly anticipated duckling eggs arrival. Finally, we will be reading Betsy Byers’ classic, The Eighteenth Emergency and the children will then use Byers’ features of language to plan and write detailed stories of their own.
I will continue a rigorous focus on sentence and word level work in order to continually develop and consolidate the children’s use of punctuation and grammar, together with their use of different language and speech. This learning will take place in discrete sessions; modelled in guided reading sessions and encouraged to be applied in all curriculum areas.

I continue to underline the importance of your child reading every day. It is crucial for your child to read good quality texts at least 6 times per week. Please find time with your child to discuss their reading books; shared reading is an enjoyable and effective time spent with your child. Continue to encourage your child to record the books they have read, by commenting about something specific using one of the questions in the guidance prompts, found inside their orange record book. Please also use these questions to target their response to the books they are reading. Your child’s reading at home will be monitored and I will reward Y5 children a house point if they have read at least 6 times in a week (or at least 7 times if Year 6), plus written quality comments linked to the prompt questions. Reading books and reading records should be taken home and brought back to school every day. The reading challenge sent as part of the topic homework tasks is compulsory and serves to widen the breadth of your child’s reading and develop their widening reading skills.

Spellings will continue to be sent home on Wednesdays (in a separate book to practise in small, short daily sessions ready for a test at any time from Thursday onwards. Disappointingly, there has been a noticeable lacklustre effort in practising spellings and six sessions a week is half an hour of very important lifelong learning. Please encourage your child to approach spelling learning in a regular and habitual fashion engaging in a more fun and investigative way, Spelling homework books should be taken home and brought back to school every day.

Maths – We will be following Year 5 and 6 objectives (as appropriate) of the new Primary Framework for Maths 2014. This gives greater emphasis on strategies for problem solving and comprises of nine strands:

  • Number and place value
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Number - fractions
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Algebra
  • Geometry – properties of shapes
  • Geometry – position and direction
  • Measurement
  • Statistics 

http://www.over.cambs.sch.uk/website/calculation_methods Click this link to show you the methods for each calculation are taught in school.
Foundation subjects – Much of our foundation subject learning centres around the topic in a bid to continue a creative curriculum. In Science, we will be learning more discretely, in two separate week-long focuses, about Living things and their habitats and there will be a week-long PSHE/Science focus on Body Changes for Year 5; and Sex Education for Y6 only (details to follow in a separate letter later in the term). We are anticipating plenty of DT, Computing and Art projects linked to our topic of Local settlements and the KS2 production.
We will be studying Christianity questions Is religion what you say or what you do?? and Who do people say that I am? We will be focusing on Healthy and Safer lifestyles in PSHE.

The children will continue to develop their clarinet playing and there will be regular singing practise towards our KS2 production. Madame Sanders will continue to teach them Spanish on a weekly basis.




PE, with Mr Herd, will be on Monday and Tuesday with Dance for Wednesday.  Please ensure your child has full PE kit at school on these days. If not, they will not be able to participate and a letter will be sent home.

Homework will consist of a piece of maths and English work once a week and topic homework is set over the whole term. Please note the change to expectation of topic homework. Children are expected to complete ONE piece of topic homework and bring it on or before the 19th May; a further task from the list sent out will be required at (as yet unknown) date in the second half of the term. We are hoping this will give children more time to focus on a specific task for a longer period and ultimately, produce an independent high-quality piece of work. The reading challenge, as already mentioned, must be completed by the end of the term and should be used as a guide to support your child’s wider-ranging reading ready for KS3.

Residential Trip: We will be going on our residential trip to Stibbington in May. The visit will provide opportunities for the children to investigate aspects of Geography and Maths, including Art and Science.  They will also develop their team building skills and there will be opportunities for personal development.

And finally, much of our focus this term will be preparing and practising for the KS2 production, which the children are very excited about. Please encourage your child to continually practise their lines and the song words, so that they can concentrate on their acting and cues when in school.

If you have any questions about the curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Avant
Class 4 teacher




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