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Termly Behaviour Treats

Every term good behaviour and hard work is been rewarded with house points which children then use to vote for the behaviour treat of their choice. Each term there is a choice of three different activities to choose between and the activity that receives the most house point tokens at the end of term is the one that is organised for the whole school.

Autumn term Behaviour Treat

During the autumn term the children had the choice of an igloo building challenge, Christmas Bingo or Christmas food crafts. It was a landslide victory for Christmas food crafts and we spent a lovely morning at the end of term with each child visiting every class to make a penguin cake, a Rudolf cake, a melting snowman biscuit and a box made from card circles to carry them all home in.


Summer Term Behaviour Treat – Water Olympics!

During the summer term the choice was between a teddy bears’ picnic in the woods, an afternoon of den building or Water Olympics. While the results of the vote were very close, the children chose an afternoon of water Olympics, luckily the weather was kind to us and the chosen afternoon was very hot and sunny and we had great fun! The children worked in four house groups working round four different water based activities. They did egg and spoon races using water bombs, went fishing for marbles in a paddling pool using just their toes, played a team race passing cups and bowls of water under their legs and over their heads and (definitely the soggiest of the lot) had to lie down on their backs and pass a water soaked sponge along their team using their feet! The afternoon ended with a game called bucket heads that involved dropping water balloons from an upstairs window onto buckets on teachers’ heads! I am sure you can guess the most popular activity with the children!


Behaviour Rewards

Every term the children vote towards a behvaiour treat for the whole school. Every time they are awarded a house point for good work, outstanding efffort or excellent behiour they are given a token to take to the voting buckets in the school entrance hall and vote for one of the three behaviour rewards on offer for the term. In  the spring term the children had the choice of a sports afternoon, making and racing junk model cars or Easter cookery. The winning treat, with double as many votes as either of the others, was cookery and we had a fun morning making hot cross buns and chocolate krispie nests.



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