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Brachiopods live at the bottom of the ocean and have two shells. They are considered to be living fossils. There are 3 types of brachiopods present in today’s oceans. They are rare today but during the Paleozoic Era they dominated the sea floors.

Brachiopods appear to be similar to clams or oysters, but they are not related. They are not even mollusks.

The Pedicle

One characteristic unique to brachiopods is the pedicle. It is a long thin fleshy limb. The pedicle is used to burrow into the sea floor like an anchor.
Some Brachiopods have a muscular pedicle. They can raise themselves up off the bottom, looking like they are standing on their heads
Information provided by

www.fossils-facts-and-finds.com/brachiopods.html and paleo.cortland.edu/tutorial/Brachiopods/brachiopoda.html




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