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Summer 2017

Homework menu Class 1

Down in the Jungle

  • Can you make an animal alphabet and think of an animal that starts with every letter of the alphabet. Find a way to show us all the animals you have thought of.
  • Make a jungle picture using different materials.
  • Where in the world can you find jungles? Find a way to show the class what you have found out.
  • Find an empty box and make a model jungle in the box.
  • Make a model of a jungle animal.
  • Find out about the plants we can eat. Go to the supermarket and look at the fruit and vegetables. Which part of the plant do we eat; the root, the stem, or the leaves? Where in the world do these different things grow? Find a way to record and show everyone what you found out.
  • Write a story about a jungle adventure or a jungle animal. Can you make it into a little book and bring it to school to share.
  • If you were going to the jungle what would you take with you? Draw pictures and write a list to show what you would take.
  • Create your own jungle animal or insect. Either draw it or make a model of it. Give your animal a name and decide what it eats and where it lives.
  • Make a miniature garden.

Pleases choose one of these option and complete before Friday 12th May for an exhibition of Reception and Key stage 1 homework.



Church Farm Visit

We had a great trip to Church Farm Ardeley. All the children had a wonderful time with hands on experiences with some of the animals. The lamb feeding was very popular as was collecting eggs and feeding the chickens. The tracker trailer ride took us all over the farm and gave opportunity to see other animals out in the fields.

Tuesday Woodland Visits

Dear Parents,

Class One will be going to the woodland area just at the bottom of the school field, for a range of activities linked to all areas of the curriculum this term. It would be helpful if you could send a pair of welly boots into school for your child to wear to the woods to protect their school shoes and ensure that your child has a suitable waterproof coat in school, as we would like to still be able to go in showery weather. We provide waterproof trousers to keep them warm and dry.

In order to go to the woods we will need to have the help of at least three volunteers to come with us for each visit. If you are free to help on any of the Tuesdays listed below please let me know.

Thank you

Sue Brown


Balance Bike Workshop

The reception children had five workshop sessions on balance bikes provided by Outspoken Training.
The programme is designed to help children gain the confidence and skills required to ride a pedal bike independently, getting them off to the best start in cycling. Using balance bikes enables children to concentrate on the core skills of balance and gross motor control needed to perfect riding without having to grasp propulsion, foot and leg positioning at the same time. Making learning to ride lots easier.

Not only that but it helps with their motor control skills which are needed for young children to master not only skills for physical development in PE but in fine skills such as writing.

They all had a great time and gained from this experience.



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