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During each school term we organise a series of special days for the whole school that we call Inspiration Days. The aim of these days is to inspire the children, to give them exciting and motivating activities that will encourage them to apply some of the skills and knowledge that they have been learning in school.

These days also give the children the opportunity to work together and develop team work and communication skills and well as developing problem solving and creativity.Read on to find out about our recent Inspiration Days!


Roald Dahl Fortnight

To celebrate the centenary of the birth of Roald Dahl we had two weeks of special events in school.
We started by having a whole school special day on his birthday; 13th September. We worked in our house groups so that the children from the different classes were all muddled up and each group completed four different activities, each linked to a different Roald Dahl story. We made dens like Fantastic Mr Fox, designed our own chocolate bars like Willy Wonka, filled jars with our dreams like the BFG and made ourselves big hairy beards like Mr Twit. Everyone in school wore their beard to assembly when our parents came in that Friday!
During the two weeks each class chose a different Roald Dahl story to learn about in our English lessons. Classes 1 and 2 read The Enormous Crocodile, Class 3 read George’s Marvellous Medicine and Class 4 read Matilda. At the end of the week we have a whole school quiz about the life of Roald Dahl and these books – it was amazing how much we had all learnt!


Roald Dahl Trips

As part of our Roald Dahl work years 1 to 6 all went on some great school trips. Key Stage Two went to Great Missenden where there is a museum in the house where Roald Dahl used to live, while Key Stage One went to the Children’s Gallery where they were able to play in a giant peach, crawl through Mr Foxes tunnel and make their own crocodile puppet.
Here are some of the children’s recounts of their days out:

On a misty September morning we got on a coach for the Roald Dahl museum. We went inside and we went to a shadow room. Then we were shrunk with a camera. I went down stairs next to go in the tunnel for the foxes. Then we went in the children’s gallery. It was fun. Finally we went on the coach.

On Tuesday we went outside and went on the shiny white coach to the Roald Dahl museum. The journey took ages but we made it and it was very nice. First we went to a copy of Roald Dahl’s writing hut and Helen told us that Roald Dahl’s favourite game was snooker.
After that we went to Miss Honey’s classroom had an English lesson and we made up a really funny character called Bubble Bomb. Bubble Bomb had the eyes pf a robber, a nose of a person with freckles and ears of the BFG.
After that we had lunch. I had ham sandwiches, they were very yummy.
Next we went for a walk to his gravestone. We saw Haribos, pencils and flowers on his grave. I wished we could eat the Haribos!
After that we went to the library that inspired Roald Dahl to write Matilda. We saw a green and black library card. Then we looked around the library and I saw a book by Bear Grylls.
The Roald Dahl museum is the best museum ever!


Celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday. 

The school and everyone in it turned red, white and blue recently when we had a whole school day to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. The children came to school dressed in the colours of the union jack and spent the morning learning about the Queen, her life, homes and family. We made a huge timeline showing the major events in the Queen’s life and linking these to major events in history. The children learnt how the union jack is made up of the combined flags from the counties that make Great Britain and where around the county the Queen has the different castles and palaces are located. The children also learnt to sing the National Anthem and between them made large pictures of the Queen with a dress that is completely made from a collage of pictures of her own face taken from stamps and bank notes (note real ones I hasten to add!)
By far the two most popular activities of the morning were those involving food! Between them the children iced 150 fairy cakes with red, white and blue icing. This was done with great enthusiasm and many contained more icing than cake once finished! The children’s enthusiasm was not even diminished by Mrs McGregor having the National Anthem playing constantly on a repeating loop – although the adults who had spent three hours in that room were not so keen on her choice of music by lunch time. We also made a vast quantity of crown shaped shortbread biscuits – complete with jelly tot jewels! It may be sometime before we manage to remove the last of the stickiness from those two classrooms.
After lunch we set up lines of tables on the playground to have a celebratory tea party. The whole school and a collection of invited guests made up of governors and school volunteers sat along two long lines of tables awaiting the arrival of the guests for the top table. Our eleven Year Six pupils had dressed up as members of the royal family (complete with face masks and corgis) and made a grand entrance before tea could begin!


World Book Day

We had a fun time on World Book Day when everyone came to school dressed as a book character. We wrote reviews of our favourite books and had a whole school story session in small groups all over the school after lunch. We also had an extreme reading competition to see who could take a picture of themselves reading in the most unusual place. The winners were Daisy who read her book in the tumble dryer and Morton who had a photo taken of her reading in Marks and Spencers shop window!


Thinking Skills Day

We have been working hard to help our children to develop an open mindset- that is to believe that hard work and persistence will help them to make progress. As part of this work we had a Tninking Skills Day. Each class worked with the Happy Puzzle Company and had to work toegther as teams to solve a range of puzzles. Each class also worked on a range of problem solving activities in their own classrooms.


Well Being Day

We had a whole school day looking at how we can help ourselves to be fit and well and ready to learn. We looked at our phyiscal well being and how we need to eat well and get enough sleep. We learnt about how many teaspoons of sugar are in some of our favourite foods and how we need to keep hydrated and drink enough water to help us to concentrate in school. We thought about how fresh air and exercise are important in our physical well being and looked at different strategies we can ue to calm ourselves down if we are starting to feel worried or anxious. 


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