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Class 3 Curriculum –  Summer 2017

Dear Parents,

The summer term is well and truly upon us. This is the really hard working term; but also the term that defines the year with more opportunities for foundation subjects, Sports Day, the Summer production and making the most of the warmer and (hopefully) drier weather in outside learning.  As ever, Miss Skidmore, myself and Dulcie are encouraging your child to aim high and strive to reach their end of year expectations wherever possible, especially in presentation, so can I draw your attention to the following National Curriculum* age related expectations?

Year 3:

  • Apply knowledge of root words, prefixes and suffixes to read aloud and to understand meaning of unfamiliar words
  • Discuss and record words and phrases that writers use to engage and impact on the reader eg. What choice of verb has been used?
  • Make links between spellings, punctuation and grammar that has bee taught.

Year 4:

  • Retrieve and record information by beginning to skim and scan (non fiction)
  • Infer meanings and justify them with evidence from the text eg. Inferring characters’ feelings, thoughts, motives from their actions.
  • Read aloud with intonation, tone, volume to show awareness of characters’ speech, punctuation and some grammatical features (eg. An embedded subordinate clause).

As such, it is imperative that all members of Class 3 read and are heard reading by an adult at least 5 times a week AND write a detailed response (a couple of sentences at least) in their Reading Journal. This is evidence of how and when your child reads. If nothing is written in their Reading Journal we have nothing to assess. Reading is vitally important and thank you to those of you who consistently support your child’s reading at home, it really does support their learning. Reading influences all areas of the curriculum as well as being a useful life skill.


  • Year 3
  • I can spell commonly mis-spelt words, including many of those on the Year 3 / 4 word list (attached)
  • I can proof read to check for errors and suggest improvements to my own writing and that of others
  • I have legible, joined handwriting (with diagonal and horizontal strokes)
  • I can compose and rehearse sentences using soe rich vocabulary (adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions)

Year 4

  • I can recognise and spell homophones and near homophones
  • I can use descriptive noun phrases for impact, including phrases which are expanded by adding modifying adjectives, nouns or preposition phrases eg One really hot summer’s day, On the coarse sand, The biting cold wind etc
  • I can proof read for errors in spelling and punctuation
  • I have legible, joined handwriting  with greater consistency (with diagonal and horizontal strokes, parallel vertical strokes, appropriate length of ascenders and descenders)


English: Through discreet English lessons, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar lessons (SPAG), and cross curricular lessons we aim to cover the following genres: Fairy stories and playscripts, Stories from other cultures, Instructions and explanations, non chronological reports, syllabic, list poems and kennings.
Spelling tests will remain on Wednesdays.


We will continue to develop the children’s mathematical skills across the curriculum. We will be following Year 3 and 4 objectives (as appropriate) of the new Primary Framework for Maths 2014. This gives greater emphasis on strategies for problem solving and comprises of nine strands:

  • Number and place value
  • Fractions and Decimals
  • Measurement, especially analogue and digital time, volume and capacity
  • Geometry – shape, symmetry and angles, position and coordinates
  • Statistics
  • Four number operations (addition, subtraction, multilication and division)

http://www.over.cambs.sch.uk/website/calculation_methods This website shows you the methods for each calculation that are taught in school.
Mental arithmetic and mental maths skills will be tested weekly as part of our CLIC Big Maths Challenges and times tables will be tested on Friday mornings.

Topic: Our topic this term is Where in the World? This will help you child ask and answer questions about their house and local area; both geographically and historical,  as well as finding out about a variety of countries and lifestyles in our world.
In Science we will be learning about Living things. This will be taught discreetly and in cross curricular lessons using the ipads wherever suitable.

Madame Sanders will continue to teach them Spanish on a weekly basis.


PE will be with Mr Herd on Wednesdays and Fridays. Please ensure your child has all they need for PE each week, especially if they do sports clubs in the week. We have a no tape policy for earrings. They need to be removed please.
Please ensure that your child has a named PE kit in school including tracksuit bottoms, top and a change of footwear for PE as well as indoor shorts and T-shirt. Occasionally due to weather or restrictions on use of the hall we have to change days so your child’s PE kit needs to be in school at all times.


There will be a topic homework menu to give the children a choice of activities related to the topic. On Fridays your child will receive a Maths or English task to be completed (alternate weeks) to be given in on Wednesdays. (or before). Some may be talk homework, or research to find out. If your child does not complete homework given, they will complete it in Golden Time, PE or lunchtime. There may be additional homework sent to consolidate learning if needed. All homework should be completed in the red Homework book.

School Uniform

We are having a whole school focus on wearing correct uniform. If your child wears an item of non-school uniform they will be asked to remove it, and given a “school spare” item of uniform to be washed and returned. Please ensure your child has appropriate school uniform every day. Thank you for helping us in this, the children are looking smarter and taking pride in their work as a result.


We have a specialist music teacher who has been teaching the class since September on Thursday mornings covering aspects of the music curriculum and from February half term she will be teaching the children how to play the recorder in a Class Orchestra.

More information can be found on our school website, and we hope to share work from our class there too.
Thank you again for your support and we hope your child and you enjoy this term’s learning and activities. If you need to contact me about any aspect of your child’s learning or well being, my email address is below.

Some useful websites:





Yours sincerely,

Mrs McGregor, Miss Skidmore and Dulcie Cambridge
Contact me

*Please note: This is the National Curriculum we are required to teach. It would be a different experience for your child if we were allowed to choose what they should learn!





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