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Pupil and Parental Involvelement in School  Improvement

Staff, pupils and parents are all involved in making our school even better. As part of this process we asked the children and their parent what they think our school does well. You can read what they think by clicking on the links below.

   What the children think the school does well

   What the parents think the school does well

We had a whole school afternoon to think about what we could do to make our school better, and from the ideas we have made an action plan based on the children’s ideas. We are working together to complete the plan. Everyone in school, children and adults signed up to work together on school improvement by printed their hand. The hand prints are displayed all around the school entrance hall to remind us.
To read the action plan based on the children’s ideas click on the following link.

We also asked the parents what they think we could do better and have an action plan based on their ideas. Click here to see the action plan.

Action plan from the children's ideas           Action plan from the parents' ideas


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