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Every academic year the school identifies areas for improvement and we want to share with you what we will be working on this year. 

On of the major things that you will see change this year is how we assess the children in a world without levels. 

Our priorities are:


Achievement in maths

We will be continuing our focus on maths this year, continuing to develop opportunities for children to use their numeracy skills to solve real-life, mathematical problems. We are encouraging the children to become more independent learners who are also resilient in the face of mathematical challenges. You can support this by ensuring that your child receives plenty of encouragement to continue with homework projects even when they are tough and your child would rather give up.

We have also introduced daily sessions of Clic Maths to help develop children's fluency and confidence in their use of number.

Achievement in writing

Our focus is to develop the writing stamina of the children so that they not only write more frequently, but at greater length across the curriculum. You can help by encouraging your child to do this at home – use a stop clock and slowly increase the writing time over the year. It would also help your child to engage in purposeful writing opportunities, such as writing thank you letters, notes, shopping lists etc. We are also working hard to develop children's skills in redrafting and improving their own pieces of writing.

Teaching and Learning

Analysis of our teaching and learning last year helped us to identify several key areas that we will be addressing this year. The focus on marking and presentation will continue to be important. Presentation is just as important in homework, so please encourage your child to apply the same rigor as they would at school. We want to help the children to become more aware of learning objectives and success criteria which will in turn help them to more accurately assess their own work and progress. As teachers, we will be ensuring there is a sharp focus on differentiation – getting the work right for all children.

Leadership and Management

This year we are working hard to develop the leadership skills within our school team and our capacity to support and develop teaching and learning throughout the school. As part of this work we are developing the use of peer observation and lesson study to enable class teachers to support each other and spread good practice throughout the school. We will be continuing to develop our use of Target Tracker as our assessment system and our youngest children in YR will now be included in this system.

Parents and Community

We would like to strengthen the school’s relationships with parents and the community though continuing to develop the school website to more effectively share information with parents and other stakeholders. We would like to hear from you as to how we could further improve the site. At parental request we have instigated paperless communication and online payments this year. We will be continuing our work with the PTA to develop the school outdoor areas.


We will also be taking a closer look at our provision PE and developing the role of our sports coach, now that he is employed directly by the school. We will be widening our provision in music, including participating in a project that will involve our children writing their own school song, and we will continue our programme of inspiration days to enrich the curriculum.


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