Class Two page

Welcome to Class 2 in 2019. This term our whole school focus is Digging Beneath our Feet with our class focusing on The Great Fire of London this half term, and using Barrington as a local environment study after half term. 
Mrs Beswick teaches Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs McGregor teaches on Thursday and Friday.Miss McCabe is joining us as our esteemed teaching assistant in the mornings and Thursday afternoons.  
PE is with Mr Herd on Mondays and and Mr Pemberton teaches PE on Fridays.
Year 2 Spellings January 16th 2019 -sorry these were not given out on friday
No test on 18th January 2019 but will be checked with next week's as well.

This week's rule: i sound with y

cry, fly, spy, dry, why, try, by, July, reply, my

Next week's spellings to be tested 25th January 2019

past tense verb endings ending in a y - take off the y, replace with -ied

cry - cried

spy - spied

dry - dried

try - tried

reply - replied

 Homework 18th January 2019
This week we have had 2 exciting events taking place in school. On Monday an Islamic lady came in to our class to talk about Islamic beliefs which was fascinating and the children (and Mrs Beswick) learnt a lot!
On Wednesday the class had a very hands on exciting archaeology session linking to our topic.
In English we have been writing recounts and have just started moving onto diaries. 
For homework, please can you child write a recount about either the Islam lady's session and what they found out, how they felt and what the enjoyed, OR write a recount about the Archaeology session and what they found out, how they felt and what the enjoyed.
A recount describes an event, is written in the past tense and uses time adverbials to show the sequence of events eg. then, next, first, finally, all of a sudden 
I will try and load some photos onto the class page so you can see some of the things we got up to.
Don't forget capital letters and full stops for every sentence!