Class Two page

Welcome to Class 2 in 2019. This term our whole school focus is Digging Beneath our Feet with our class focusing on The Great Fire of London this half term, and using Barrington as a local environment study after half term. 
Mrs Beswick teaches Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs McGregor teaches on Thursday and Friday.Miss McCabe is joining us as our esteemed teaching assistant in the mornings and Thursday afternoons.  
PE is with Mr Herd on Mondays and and Mr Pemberton teaches PE on Fridays.
 Homework 1st March 2019
Look out for poem homework so you can learn a poem off by heart to perform it, with actions or gestures, to the class - you don't need props. Focus on the words and the actions.
There is a choice of poem so challenge yourself which one you can learn and perform the best to your ability.