Class Two page

Welcome to Class 2! Our Class Teachers are Mrs Beswick and Mrs McGregor, with Mrs Dale assisting us in the mornings. We are very excited to be teaching the National Curriculum through the whole school topic of Superheroes: what is the greatest power. Are you going to be able to wear the Superhero cape? Look out for it in Class 2.
Mrs Beswick teaches Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs McGregor teaches on Thursday and Friday.
PE is with Mr Herd on Mondays and and Mr Pemberton teaches PE on Fridays.
Year 2 Spellings December 7th 2018
Test on 14th December

soft c rule when c is before i, e or y

 ice          cell

city         nice

space        cinema

circle       fancy


fast        last

Homework 7th December

This week please can you practise number bonds to 10, to 20 and even to 100 with your child and ask them to draw Christmas pictures in their homework book showing their understanding. When we reminded the children about number bonds to 10 this week, some of them were very rusty so please keep practising.

 Eg: 6 baubles + 4 baubles = 10 baubles

14 elves + 6 elves = 20 elves

24 holly berries + 76 holly berries = 100

Try to find at least 5 number sentences.

(Year 1s concentrate on number bonds to 10 but try and extend yourself

Year 2s show me how you use your number bonds to make calculations to 100)

I know it is a lot to fit in, but any practice you can do with your child will benefit their learning. 

Many thanks for your support.