Class Two page

Welcome to Class 2! Our Class Teachers are Mrs Beswick and Mrs McGregor, with Mrs Dale assisting us in the mornings. We are very excited to be teaching the National Curriculum through the whole school topic of Superheroes: what is the greatest power. Are you going to be able to wear the Superhero cape? Look out for it in Class 2.
Mrs Beswick teaches Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs McGregor teaches on Thursday and Friday.
PE is with Mr Herd on Mondays and Fridays.
It is Class 2's cake sale on Tuesday. Any donations of cakes, biscuits or cookies will be welcomed.
The more money we raise, the more money we can use to subsidise school trips, buy classroom resources to aid the learning of your children.
Thank you in advance!
Homework 5th October 2018
Your child will have brought home their homework book tonight, possibly with 2 drawings in and a piece of paper asking them to complete 5 part whole models and bar models to write fact family number sentences. 
Don't worry if that sounds like a foreign language... these are models to help add and subtract to show relationship between numbers, like number bonds.
Here is a clip on youtube that may help explain part whole models:
Here are some pictures to give you some examples of bar models.
Please hand in your homework on or before Wednesday.