Class Two page

Welcome to the Summer term of Class 2 in 2019. This term our whole school focus is All things Bright and beautiful with our class focusing on Plants and Duckling life cycles last half term, and investigating summer nature this half term.
Mrs Beswick teaches Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs McGregor teaches on Thursday and Friday.Miss McCabe is joining us as our esteemed teaching assistant in the mornings.
PE is with Mr Herd on Mondays and and Mr Pemberton teaches PE on Fridays.
 Homework for the summer holidays 2019
We want you to have a well earned break from school as you deserve it, but please don't let your brain forget all the wonderful learning you have done this year! Try to keep your brain active. Here are some suggestions:
a) Sign up for the Library Space Chase at any library. The mobile library should be involved too. 
Over the summer go to a library, choose some books and read them. If you read 6 and go along to a library session to fill in the Space Chase you will be awarded a certificate and medal to be presented in assembly in September. And it's free!
For more information, click on the link:
b) Try out some of the tasks on
All children should have log ins and passwords so  see how many you can attempt and complete. I'll be checking over the summer to see who has earned some coins. The children seemed very keen when we showed them in class.
c) If you are going on holiday, write and send a postcard to a family member, friend or us at school!
d) Even if you're not going on an amazing holiday, write a diary entry of a really sunny or fun day in the holidays.
e) Challenge a family member to a board game - it's all good maths skills, plus patience and turn taking are very important too.
f) Follow a recipe to make some food or even milkshakes. Using measures practically is maths in action :)
g) Practise your times tables - especially your 2, 5, 10 and 3 times table, but challenge yourself to learn any of the others.
h) Sleep, eat, drink and be active. Have a super summer!