Anti-Bullying Week

12th November 2018

Anti-Bullying Week

The week beginning 12th November was national anti-bullying week and the Ministry of Well-being led the activities in school. This year’s national theme for the week was choose respect and focused on respecting individual differences and accepting everyone.

As part of our week of activities the Ministry of Well-being led a whole school assembly to share this message with the whole school. Everyone came to school wearing odd socks to highlight how although we are all the same in some ways, we are also all different.

We also held a completion to design an odd sock for anti-bullying week and the ministry of Well-being judged the competition and awarded the prizes of book vouchers for the school book shop to the four winners.

As part of the work with the whole school during this week we also focused on the High Five approach to tackling bullying. This approach gives children an easy to remember way to tackle bullying;

  1. Ignore it.
  2. Talk politely
  3. Walk away
  4. Talk firmly
  5. Report it.