The Wizard of Oz

26th April 2021

We were all very excited to have a visit from the M and M Theatre group into school. Normally a team of actors would visit school and put on a performance for the whole school to watch together. However so that the performance was COVID safe and we were able to protect our class bubbles, the theatre visit lasted the whole day and there were three separate performances. One for KS1 who were sat in their class bubbles apart from each other, and one each for Blue and Violet Classes.

The production company had a very clever way of enabling us to have a full performance of The Wizard of Oz, while limiting the number of adults visiting our school. Lots of the performance was filmed and projected onto an enormous screen, while one live actor interacted with the children in the audience and the actors on the screen.

The show included classic like Over the Rainbow and lots of more recent hits that the children enjoyed joining in with. It was lovely to have the theatre group in school and there was a real buzz about the building. Hopefully this is the start of more normal times in school!