Baby Guinea Pigs

7th May 2018
The arrival of baby guinea pigs!
A group of children have been campaigning for some time to have pets in school. They have been writing me letters to try and convince me that it was a good idea! I agreed on the condition that the children themselves were involved in the whole process. So we have had a pet committee working for the past term, in their lunchtimes, doing research into which pets would be the best to keep in school, which would be easy for us to look after and which animals would be happy living with us in school.
The children eventually agreed that guinea pigs would be the best choice. The next stage of this project was for the children to be able to collect all the equipment needed to keep the guinea pigs happy, as well as being able to provide food for the animals. I explained to the children of the school budget is very tight and so that if we were going to have pets in school, they needed to find ways to raise the money themselves for this project. The children started by putting an appeal in the school newsletter to see if anyone had any old guinea pig equipment that they were no longer using. They were extremely lucky to have a beautiful two-storey wooden hutch, two outdoor guinea pig runs and a wide range of assorted equipment donated to them.
All that was left was to raise the money for the guinea pigs themselves and the food, and so the children decided to hold a raffle. The prizes of this raffle include naming the guinea pigs and the chance to be the first guinea pig monitors in school. We decided that children would be keener to name guinea pigs if they could see them and so we came to an agreement that I would pay for the baby guinea pigs and their food and pet committee would pay the money back from a raise from their raffle. For this reason I spent Sunday of the Bank Holiday going picking up baby guinea pigs and my living room is now full of an indoor hutch guinea pig equipment hey and some very, very, very cute guinea pigs who will move into school this week.