Banners and a Bear Hunt!

2nd April 2020

This week we have started making brightly coloured banners to put on the railings at the front of the school to help cheer everyone up. You can see the finished ones if you pass the front of the school.


Would you like to join us in going on a bear hunt? We would like to set up a bear hunt around both of the villages for children to spot when they are out for their daily exercise. If you would like to join in, please email saying whether you would like to be in the Barrington or the Shepreth bear hunt. Dulcie will give you a number and then you need to put a sign in your window, with a rainbow and the number you have been given. Next to your sign you place your bear or even bears! Children going for a walk round the village can then try and spot all the bears! We have set up number 1 at school to get the Barrington bear hunt started. 

Painting our rainbow and setting up the first bears for the Barrington Bear Hunt!
Making our beautiful banners!