Barrington School on The Repair Shop

18th November 2020

After a delay of nearly a year, the episode of The Repair Shop featuring the restoration of the school deed sign has finally been shown on BBC1! When we applied to the show for help restore our lovely old sign, The Repair Shop was hidden away on BBC2 at teatime and I thought it would be watched by people connected with school and my Mum, but not many more people. However, the broadcasting of our episode was delayed by COVID and the show is now on prime time BBC1 – add to that, the fact that it was aired in the middle of the second national lockdown with everyone stuck at home and the interest in the story was unbelievable! We had newspaper and radio interviews and the local BBC news in school covering the story!


You can listen to the radio interviews by clicking on the links below.


I would like to say a huge thank you for all the lovely messages and compliments that we have received after the screening of the episode. A huge thank you and well done to Michael, Hardy and Emilie who represented the school so well and spoke with such confidence on camera and to Emilie’s Great Nanny Margaret – the real stars of the show. I have to say I was extremely relieved when the week of the broadcast was over; when I let my husband fill in the application form for the show, I was totally unprepared for the media interest it generated. While I can’t say I have enjoyed the experience of being on TV I have really loved the positive impact of the programme on the school and the local community and the happiness it has generated in a really difficult time.

What has to be the best Repair Shop photo ever!
Publicity photos from the TV production company.
Stills from the show
Children being interviewed for the local BBC Look East new programme.