Beautiful New Building!

10th September 2019

Our big news this month is that we actually did manage to open the school on time for the new term! The builders were true to their word and completed the building on time. The handover meeting started at 3.30 pm on the first Tuesday of September and we welcomed the children back the following morning!  Luckily, we were able to start moving furniture and resources back into classrooms before the handover meeting and we spent a slightly chaotic Monday and Tuesday reorganising the building to make it fit for the children’s return. It is thanks to the efforts of the teaching staff and several lovely volunteers from the community and the governing body that the rooms needed for teaching were all ready to use on the Wednesday morning. Just like when you move house, we still have a few boxes left to unpack, but the end is definitely in sight!

I don’t think the teachers have ever started the autumn term feeling quite so tired, though the reactions of our children and parents to the lovely new building on the first morning of term,  made all the hard work and living on a building site for most of the past year worthwhile! The design of the building makes our new rooms light and spacious, and while all of the rooms are lovely, my personal favourite is our beautiful library. The design chosen by the children looks amazing and there are plenty of comfortable places to sit that make children want to curl up and look at a book.

As part of the new look building we have renamed our classes from numbers to the colours of the rainbow. Our classrooms are called red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet and the class groups of children are named after their room. When we eventually grow to be one class per year group the children will move through the seven classes in the order of the rainbow colours. However, for the moment we have Red, Orange, Blue and Violet classes as we have spread the existing classes through the building to make the most of the space we currently have available.

While we might now have a beautiful, smart new building, and swishy automatic front doors, we still have the same lovely Barrington community spirit. The only downside of having a beautiful new extension, either at home or in a school, is that the smart, newly decorated parts of the building, make the other areas of the building look tired and in need of some TLC. I have just spent a Saturday in school with a group of very enthusiastic volunteers of the parents and governors painting some of those tired areas. Over the course of the day we not only painted areas of the school, but also put together four external storage sheds for outdoor equipment.