Bishop Stephen visits Barrington

23rd October 2019

We rounded up the half term with a visit from the Bishop of Ely. Bishop Stephen arrived in school and was given a tour of the building by Molly and Jim, our school ambassadors. The Bishop was very impressed by the tour they gave him. He then changed into his Bishop’s robes, complete with tall hat and staff and joined the whole school for collective worship. Bishop Stephen is a very tall man, even without his Bishop’s mitre! He blessed the school and everyone working in it. Alternate years we work with the children on careers inspiration events with the aim of developing their awareness of the range of occupations that there are in the world, what you need to do to enter a particular profession and to see the relevance of the Maths and English skills that we teaching in school to all occupations. As part of this work Bishop Stephen agreed to let the children in school ask him questions about being a Bishop. While we did learn how you get to be a Bishop I think the parts of his talk that the children have remembered most is that he had ten bedrooms in his house, that when he met the Queen to be invested as a bishop he was so tall and she was so short that the queen was talking to his tummy, and that he gets into trouble at home for leaving his socks on the bedroom floor!!