Careers Inspiration Event

20th January 2020

The last two weeks of January in school were our Careers Fortnight; this is a two week period when we organize a series of visits from as many different occupations as we can. The aim is both to widen the children’s awareness of the range of jobs that are possible and to help them to understand that whatever job they end up doing, the maths and English skills that they are currently learning will be important and useful. This year we have heard from people with 32 different professions from a TV camera man to a dam building engineer, a dietician to an RAF pilot and an aircraft engineer. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who gave up their time to come into school and talk about their job.

One of the  visitors to school was Neil Whiteside, a Radio DJ from Cambridge 105. While he was in school he recorded jingles with the children that he played later that day while he was on air. To listen to the children on the radio click on the links below.