Careers Inspiration Week

12th March 2018
During the week of 12th to 16th March we organised a series of visits for the children from people with a range of different careers. Our aim was to inspire the children to think about the huge range of different opportunities there are in terms of careers and to help them to see the relevance of what they are currently learning in school to the different jobs that adults do.
We are extremely grateful to all the visitors who gave up their time to help us with this project. Here are just a few of the children's comments from during the week!

Ballet teacher

“I like the ballet dancer because she used to ballet me. But I want to be a tooth fairy.” Isla

“I like the ballet teacher because I like doing ballet and I want to be a teacher because I want to work with children.” Josephine

 “I like the dance teacher because I dance with her every Wednesday. I want to be a mum>” Mia



“I learnt that I have to learn how to tell the time in maths to be able to write down a time for customers” Ronnie  

“I learnt you have to learn how to measure to be able to cut someone’s hair” Daisy

“You have to listen to be a hairdresser because the person might want their hair to be short or kept long or shaved!” Edward

“I learnt that times tables and numbers are important because you need to know which colour to choose from in a chart” Tilda



“I like the pilot because she flies planes and that’s cool!” Raedon

“As a pilot you get to visit lots of different countries in the world and she had a really cool hat”.

“You need to be good at geography to be a pilot because you need to work out how you can get the plane to where you want it to go”.

“I think you need to be really calm to be a pilot because you can’t panic when you are driving lots and lots of people way, way up high in the air”.


Cake Decorator

“I learnt how to make a flower out of icing” Ronnie

“I learnt that you have to do maths at school because if someone needs cake, you need to know what time to deliver it” Rocco

“I enjoyed learning how to make icing flowers” Poppy L

“I enjoyed looking in cake books and having a look at the different cakes” Poppy S


Zoo Keepers

“To be a zoo keeper, you need to go to university to study Zoology” Paisley

“I like the zookeeper because she was nice. She was in University. I want to be a builder and build homes for homeless people.” Emilie

“I liked the zookeeper because I like going to the zoo. I’d like to be a deep sea diver because I like going under the sea. ” Max

“I like the zoo because I really like animals and I want to be a vet when I grow up.” Liz

“To be a zoo keeper, you need to wear special boots so if a donkey steps on your foot it won’t hurt” Daisy

“It is important to approach the animals carefully” James

“They need special gloves for parrots because if you want to make the parrot go on your arm, the claws won’t scratch you.” Dorothy

“If an animal came out the zoo, they could catch it with a net.” Luca

“To be a zoo keeper you have to make sure the animals have clean water and fresh food every day” Eloisa-Mai

“I learnt that you need to listen because if the alarm goes off and an animal has escaped, you need to be quick.” Ronnie


Wedding Planner

“I never knew there was a job being a wedding planner. They are really cool; they can carry three plates of dinner on one arm”. Taylor

“I think you need to be really good at organising yourself and other people to be a wedding planner might like this job because I like telling people what to do!”


Web designer

“Web designing is really cool. They use lots of different computer languages. I like going on the computer I want to work with computers.” Kingsley

“I was inspired by the web designer because I like to and the animations” Jack B

“I found the web designer interesting because programming is cool I have always enjoyed coding and I’d like to use computers”. Henry


Electronic Engineer

“I think being an electronic engineer sounds really interesting I did not know much about this job and it sounds really cool”. Nicholas

“Mr McGregor inspired me because I like electronics and building things with electric and his job sounds interesting”. Jim

“Mr McGregor was interesting because he showed us microchips and it was really inspiring”. Phoebe



“Mr Klockner inspired me to be a lawyer as I’m quite persuasive and it’s interesting to hear about laws and how lawyers go into court and try to overpower the other side of the lawyers.” Rory

“I think I might be quite good at being a lawyer because I like to argue and win my argument”



“Mrs Rutter inspired me to try to research more and find a job that I enjoy.” Annie

“I was inspired by Mrs Rutter because I didn’t know much about her career and found it really interesting”. Fleur

“To be a pharmacologist need to be good at science. You need to study at university to learn this job, but I think it would be a really rewarding job because you could help develop medicines to help people be healthy”.


Medical Research

 “Dr Maki-Petja was very interesting to listen to because it looked like a job that would be interesting and I like doing experiments” Austin

I think it must be really rewarding to do research that you know might end up helping people get better. You need to be really good at science to do this job.” Molly



“I did not know that a vicar had so many different things to do. I thought Rev. Felicity just worked on Sundays and Tuesdays when she comes to school but she does not!”

“If you want to be a vicar it’s kind of important you believe in God but you don’t just do things in your job to try and make other people believe in God too because you look after people especially when they are sad.”


Blue Peter Presenter

“Mrs Todd inspired me because it sounds like a really interesting job to be on Blue Peter and really fun to try lots of new challenges.” Lara

“Being on Blue Peter sounds really fun but also lots of hard work. I don’t think it is as glamorous as people might think but I’d like to give it a try”.


Other Career Aspirations

“None of them I want to be a worker and a footballer when I’m big!” Freddie

“I liked the animal, the bearded Dragon, because I haven’t seen one of them before but I want to be a footballer>” Gus

“I was inspired by all the visitors this week because they all achieved great things which made me believe I could as well.” Poppy

“There are so many different jobs that I didn’t even know about. It’s really exciting to think I might be able to do any of these when I am older. There are such a lot to choose from”.

“All of them inspired me because now I know what I want to be when I’m older.” Esther