Children's Mental Health Week

7th February 2022

We marked children’s mental health week with a week of special activities in school. This year’s national theme is Growing Together and all week we were thinking about ways we can support each other with our mental well-being.

The week started with Spread a Smile Day on Monday; the positive power of a simple smile was celebrated in school, and children greeting others with a smile were given smiley face stickers to stick on their uniform. The whole day drew attention to the powerful an impact we have on the way other people feel.

On Wednesday we focused on the power of doing good deeds to support your own well-being – as well as being positive for those you help. Any one spotted helping without being asked (or drawing attention to the fact that they were helping) was awarded a Handy Helper Award – which could be exchanged for an extra playtime on Friday afternoon!
On Thursday we enjoyed connecting with others by sharing a joke in the school joke competition. All week the children had been writing down their favourite jokes and posting them in the post-box by my office. The Ministry of Well-Being spent Thursday lunchtime judging which were the funniest. These were shared with the whole school in Friday’s assembly and the children who entered them won a book token for a book from the school book shop.
On Tuesday we had a whole class art challenge; each class was challenged to make a poster to remind everyone of one of the five ways to support mental health and well-being. For a number of years we have been working with the children to help them to understand that trying new things, connecting with others, being kind to others, keeping active and being mindful can all support their well-being. Each class was assigned one of these at random and challenged to make a poster to remind everyone of their strategy. We now have five stunning posters on our Well-being ministry notice board and Blue Class were the proud winners of a chocolate cake to share!

The finale of the week was Friday with Dress to Express Yourself – wear what makes you happy! It was fascinating the see the range of outfits that appeared in school and how they changed from the younger to the older children. The youngest classes were full of princesses, super heroes and children in their pyjamas or onesies, while the older classes had lots of football strips, jeans, hoodies and very cool footwear!

On Friday we also held a cupcake decorating competition and the children were challenged to decorate cupcakes at home with the theme cakes to make you smile – and they certainly did. We had so many plates of cakes brought into school and choosing a winner from each class was very difficult. The winning chef from each class was awarded a Barrington Star Baker apron in assembly and all the children were able to take their cakes home to enjoy.