Christmas 2020

17th December 2020

Christmas has been a little different in school this year – however we were determined to find a way to make sure that the children have all of the traditional elements of a Barrington School Christmas. We have all stirred the Christmas pudding and made our Christmas wishes, we have made our decorations and put them on our school tree and had parties for the children with a very special visitor – all the activities have just taken place in class bubbles to protect the staff and children and we did, of course, keep a safe distance from Father Christmas when he called in, so that he would not have to self-isolate on the big day itself!

We still had a traditional school Christmas lunch, however we had two sittings, one for Key Stage One and one for Key Stage Two, so that we could maintain social distancing in the hall. Any ex-pupils who remember Barrington Christmas lunches will know that we are usually squashed into the hall so that we can all have Christmas lunch together – but we will not be able to have lunch that way this year. Christmas lunch was still be followed by the traditional talent show – however the children performed in their own classes and the acts were shared with the other classes using Zoom.

The aspect of a school Christmas that most parents asked us about was the nativity play, and while we are not able to invite children’s families into school to watch them perform, we are determined to make sure that we do have a play. Christmas would not feel like Christmas without a nativity play and so this year the staff and children from Red and Orange Classes worked together to produce Nativity – the Movie! Work started mid-November to make a film version of the nativity in different locations around the school and the village. With the help of an extremely kind parent the film was edited together. Once finished, we had an afternoon with each class watching the film on the big screens in their classrooms and the film was be put on DVDs and sent home for the children to share with their families.

2020 has been a year to remember and it has brought with it many unexpected, and continuing challenges. However throughout the whole of the current COVID crisis, the warmth and support of the school community has shone through. I would like to say a heart-felt thankyou to the families of our children, members of the local community and my incredible, hardworking and totally lovely team in school who have all worked together to support each other.

This Christmas might not be the same as normal, but I would like to wish everyone a very merry and healthy Christmas –with as many of their family and friends as lockdown allows!

Take care and stay healthy!

Gill Davies

We have taken part in a trail of nativity stations around the benefice organized by Rev Felicity. We had the final station and have the visit of the three kings in the front of the school for everyone to enjoy over the Christmas holidays.
Stirring the Christmas pudding to make our Christmas wishes.
Christmas dinner was delicious - even Eddie our reading dog joined in!
Making our decorations and putting them on our Christmas trees was great fun!
The making of Nativity- the Movie!