16th December 2018

On Monday 17th December Divergent Drama spent the day in school working with all the children. The day started with the theatre group performing a pantomime – Cinderyeller! The play was their own twist on the traditional Cinderella, with Cinderyella discovering that many other fairy tale characters, like Rapunzel and the big bad wolf are also lonely and have no one to spend Christmas with. Cinderella set about helping all the different fairy t ale characters united for a happy, healthy Christmas and unites them all for a big celebration on Christmas Day!

The pantomime and workshops that followed focused on well-being, mindfulness and combating loneliness and the children learnt about the importance of getting enough exercise and sleep and of having a healthy diet. They were encouraged to think about how different emotions are felt in their bodies and learned strategies that will help them to calm themselves if they are feeling anxious or angry.