Class Four at Kingswood

19th June 2019

Class Four spent an amazing three days at Kingswood in Overstrand, North Norfolk. during our stay the children were able to try a wide range of different adventurous activities, as you can see from the photo below.

we arrived an had a picnic on the beach. Then we were shown our rooms and all had to make our own beds. We were organised into two groups for activities; one group went bouldering and the other tried the team obstacle course.
After we had packed our bags, we spent a fun morning on our final activities; buggy building, the team obstacle challenge and team tech.  As part of the team teach challenge, the children had to work together to make a wheel barrow to carry a cup of water. The team that managed to complete the track with their wheel barrow the quickest were rewarded by being able to throw any water left over the group instructor!
During the day we tried several different activities; abseiling, rock climbing, buggy building and fencing. In the evening we had a rock building competition. The change was to protect a water balloon in a bottle rock as it landed after being shot high into the air. The reward for any team that succeeded in their water balloon landing without breaking got the chance to break the balloon on the head of the group leader!