Creative Prayer Stations

2nd April 2019
Over the course of this term, as part of collective worship, we have been thinking about the different ways there are to pray. This week Rev. Felicity set up a series of creative prayer stations in church and every class had the opportunity to visit the church and explore the different activities. 
The children were free to explore the different activities and spend as much time at each one as they wanted. As part of the session, every child painted a stone, while they thought of someone who is important for them, someone who they would like to pray for. These stones were taken back to school and then used as part of our end of term pilgrimage service. On the last afternoon of school, instead of taking the quick route to church and going in the side door closest to school, we all carried our stones and walked in a crocodile the long way round.  We went out of the school back gate and through the village playground, past the duck pond and up to church, making our own mini-pilgrimage before we held our pilgrimage service.