Design a Guinea Pig House Competition

5th November 2018

Guinea Pig Houses

The Ministry of Charities have the ongoing task of raising the money to pay for the food for our guinea pigs – this is an endless task as they have very healthy appetites! Their latest venture was inspired by a cardboard box that one of the reception children gave the guinea pigs to play with while they were at his house for a weekend sleepover. Herbert loved the box and decided to sleep in it rather than in his lovely little wooden house and so the children decided to hold a competition to design the best cardboard box house for the guinea pigs. The children paid £1 to enter which will go towards buying bags of food and hay. I was particularly happy to have a competition where I didn’t have the difficult task of choosing the winners as the children decided that Herbert and Lemons should be the judges!  We made a giant guinea pig run in the school hall using the P.E. benches and put all the houses inside. We then put Herbert and Lemons inside to choose which they liked best!  We decided that whichever houses they decide to settle down to sleep in would be the winners!