E-safety Workshops

1st February 2019

E-Safety Workshops


This week, as part of our work for World Safer Internet Day, every child in school took part in a workshop to help them to develop their understanding of how to keep themselves safe online. Presenters from One Day Creative used dance, drama and music to help the children understand how to keep themselves safe on the internet.

With the children from Classes One and Two, the presenters used fairy tales characters to help the children to understand that if you talk to someone you don’t know when you are on the internet, you have no way of telling if they are really who they say they are.

The workshops for Classes Three and Four focused on the impact that online gaming can have. The children learnt about how playing online games can impact on your sleep, emotions, friendships and concentration in school. They also discussed the dangers of talking to other players online if they are not someone that you already know. At the end of the day, the children helped the presenter to lead assembly to help share what they had learnt with their parents.

Key Stage One Workshops
Key Stage Two Workshops