Eco Week

8th July 2019

This week was Eco Week at Barrington and we are very grateful to Steph and Claire, who lead the Eco Ministry, who organised an amazing week for us all.

The week started with an amazing personal messages of support to the Eco Ministry from Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and Baroness Jones from The House of Lords!

The photos below show the range of different activities that the children participated in during the week.

We ended the week by helping the eco-group from the church to plant a village herb garden in the church yard and having a final celebratory assembly in which the school were awarded the Bronze Eco School award as a result of all the hard work of the Eco Ministry this year.

We closed the week with another amazing celebrity message - this time from Blue Peter!

the week started with talks from students from the School's Eco Council about what we can do to help, and a talk from the University of Cambridge  about sources of sustainable energy.
We had a talk from Liz from Shepreth Wildlife Park about biodiversity and protecting local wildlife and one from Chriss about keeping bees.
KS1 walked to Diana's beautiful garden off the village green. The children dug potatoes and saw lots of different fruit and vegetables growing. they planted seeds and tasted freshly picked garden produce. we walked through the wild area to the river listening to the birds and spotting the badger's set and deer footprints.
Recycling workshops; KS1 children made a note book from recycled maps and paper and KS2 made a wallet from an empty juice carton. a group of children worked with an artist to paint pictures using paint made from natural plant sources.
KS2 went to Fowlmere Nature Reserve and looked at the range of different living things they could find in the woods and in the river.
Rev. Julie organised volunteers from the church to come in and help us try plastic weaving. All the children had the chance to go next door to the church yard and work on the village herb garden.