End of Term Whole School Celebration

22nd July 2019

At the end of each term we hold a whole school end of term celebration to recognise all the effort and hard work that has gone on during the term.  During the term the children are awarded house points for good work, outstanding effort or excellent behaviour. Every time they have a house point they are given a token and they are able to vote for which of three possible behaviour treats they would prefer. The more house pints they earn, the more chances they have to vote! 

This term the winning treat was Water Olympics! We had four different team games that involved working together as a team using water for the children to join in with in their house groups.

  • Passing a wet sponge to one another using just your feet.
  • Carrying water up and down the field in a sheet of plastic.
  • Passing a cup of water down your team going under one person’s legs and over the next person’s head.
  • Building a track that could transport a cup of water as far as possible across the field.


Luckily the day we played these games was during the heat wave and so getting wet was really refreshing. As you can see from the photos below the children had a great time – and some got wetter than others!