FOBS National Award Finalists

1st June 2021

Friday 25 June 2021

FOBS selected as finalists in the National PTA Week Awards 2021

We were absolutely delighted to hear the news  this week that Friends of Barrington School, our school PTA, had been nominated as finalists in the first ever National PTA Week Awards organised by Parentkind. Selected in the final three PTAS in the country for the ‘PTA Community Initiative of the Year Award’, this national recognition was especially rewarding for Barrington Primary School during what has been such a tough year for everyone.

The Awards also provide us with an opportunity to say a very big thank you to all of our school community – to the amazing staff led so brilliantly by Gill Davies, our fabulous children and their parents and families, and the to wider communities of Barrington and Shepreth who have made such a positive difference to support Barrington Primary School this year.

FOBS is an integral part of our school and the money they raise enables us to enrich the education of all our children. The hard working FOBS team have had to be determined, resilient and resourceful in how they fundraise for the school during these challenging and uncertain times. Our PTA Committee this year consists of a tight knit team of 15 parents who have worked tirelessly, committing time, IT and design expertise, sourcing prizes and providing unwavering enthusiasm during a pandemic that has tested us all. Promoting a sense of community and belonging between families, the village and the school is hugely important, as is raising money to provide vital school equipment and experiences that would not otherwise be possible.

FOBS has demonstrated remarkable creativity and agility to have raised over £15,000 this year for school, through some fantastic new online events designed to keep our children and their families closely connected whilst physically apart. Innovative events have included a Virtual Escape Rooms (following the school’s appearance on the BBC’S ‘The Repair Shop’), a Virtual School Disco and a (socially-distanced) Fun Run – this event alone raised an astounding £2,226.

Our PTA has always been an important way for our families to join together and participate in the life of the school. However, this year the PTA events have had a significant role in supporting the mental health and well-being of our families and helped us to maintain the feeling of being part of the whole school community, despite the social isolation of lockdown and social distancing. Our school and our village are small and the ethos of supporting the pupils in school has spread far and wide with members of the local community working together during the January school closure, raising enough money for school to buy a bank of 14 chromebooks to lend to families, ensuring that all children had access to online learning.

FOBS has also created a new community cookbook during lockdown, with over 65 recipes donated by our families and villagers, and we are delighted that copies of ‘Barrington Bites’ are, as of today, fresh off the printing press and available to buy from school.

The National PTA Week Awards were held virtually this afternoon.  Although we did not win our category - the winners were Willesborough Junior School Foundation - to have been chosen as finalists in these inaugural awards, undergoing two stages of judging and to have been selected in the Top 3 PTAs in the country is a huge achievement and one that we can all feel very proud of.

Congratulations to everyone involved with FOBS – a wonderful team of parents who roll up their sleeves to make things happen and deliver amazing results for the school - and a very big thank you to all members of our wider community and of course to our wonderful staff and children at Barrington Primary School. We may be a small school in a rural village but the support of our PTA and our local community enable us to provide resources, experiences and activities for our children that would otherwise be beyond our limited budget.