Goodbye Climbing Frame!

3rd July 2021

On the first Saturday of July we had a working party of parents and governors, who joined me in school to help with some school DIY! We wanted to paint Yellow Class before it starts to be used as a classroom and to take down the old climbing frame. Yellow Class is the only room that was not painted as part of the recent extension and refurbishment of the school, and it was looking rather tired next to the rest of the school. Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, it now looks amazing; the tired yellow walls have disappeared and been replaced with fresh new pale blue to match the rest of the school ready for it to be used by Year 2 in September.

Taking down the climbing frame was a huge challenge – it might have been here for over 18 years but it certainly was not ready to come down without a fight! It took the combined efforts of seven adults and a Bobcat digger to get it down! Most of the working party discovered muscles they never knew they had the following morning and we could all see why companies charge £1, 000 to remove old climbing frames! The space where it once stood is now a large hole waiting for the new climbing frame to arrive in the autumn term – it was very entertaining watching the looks of amazement on the children’s faces when they arrived on the Monday morning!!