Harvest Festival

20th September 2019
We ended this week by celebrating Harvest Festival with our traditional service in church. This year our service was led by Rev. Angela and we collected donations of food for local food banks.
Many of our families joined in the tradition of making beautiful harvest saucers to decorate the church for both the school's service and the village harvest service which follows at the week end.
During the service the children were involved by reading a harvest poem and the readings. children also lead the school in harvest prayers which had been written by the whole school as part of collective worship earlier in the week.
Our Harvest Prayers

Dear God,


Thank you for all the harvest crops and the wind and rain that help them to grow.


Thank you for all the delicious fruits and vegetables that help us too stay fit and healthy.


Thank you for all the farmers whose hard work goes into growing all our tasty food.


Thank you for our school dinners and all the people who grow, transport and prepare our food.


Please help people in countries like Malawi who do not always have enough to eat and please help to make sure no one in the world goes hungry to bed.