Harvest Festival

1st October 2020

We were determined to hold an outdoor harvest festival service this year so that we could be together as a school. Due to the COVID rules, we are operating with separate class bubbles and have not had the whole school together at all so far this term.

As we were not able to go to church for our service, we had nowhere to put our traditional harvest saucers. However we are determined not to lose any of our lovely Barrington traditions as a result of COVID as so asked families to make harvest garland and posies and we hung the on the front fence of the school instead.

Our first attempt at a harvest service was rained off before it had even begun and we rescheduled a second attempt for two days later. Rev. Felicity and Max arrived on time and we gathered the children in class groups spaced over the playground – and just as we started our service the drizzle began. We braved the rain for a few minutes before decamping indoors and resorting to Zooming from separate class rooms to finish our service.  Moving indoors proved t be the right call as moments after the last child was indoors the heavens really opened.

However we managed to finish our service remotely and have a lovely collection of food donations for the village food bank.