Incubating Ducklings

1st May 2019

We are extremely lucky to have been able to organize to incubate eggs again in school this year. The incubator arrived in school on Wednesday 30th April and the eggs had already been in the incubator for some time. The children did not have long to wait as the first duckling hatched just after the start of the school day on the Thursday. By the end of the day we had three ducklings and three eggs.  Overnight two more ducklings hatched. The last duckling was finding getting out of his shell very hard work and needed to be given a little help by Miss McCabe. However thanks to her timely duckling midwifery skills, duckling number six hatched on Friday afternoon. He needed to spend the night in the incubator to rest but was able to join the other ducklings on Saturday morning.

Newly hatched and day old ducklings.
Duckling cuddle club gave the children the chance to get close to the ducklings!
The ducklings loved their first swim (at 2 and 3 days old!)
Every class had the chance to watch the ducklings having a swim. The children had time to watch and draw the ducklings.