Leavers' Events

17th July 2020

The end of another school year – and a school year, hopefully, like no other!! Over the last few days of term we held leavers’ events for the pupils in Y6 – very different events from normal but hopefully with enough of the traditional elements of Barrington leavers’ celebrations that they will feel that their time at Barrington has been celebrated and made them feel special. On Thursday evening in July, you may have noticed some strangely dressed Y6s walking round the village – or you may have noticed school staff hiding in odd places (I think Mrs. Lindley surprised a few dog walkers when she spent the evening sitting on Back Lane with a tray of clowns’ noses!!) As a socially distanced alternative to our normal leavers’ party, we held a treasure hunt round the village for Y6, with each clue leading to somewhere in the village, where a different adult from school was hiding with the next clue and either some refreshments or something for the Y6’s to wear!

As they went round the village, the children and their parents got to meet most of the school staff and other Y6s to say goodbye and at each station they were given more silly things to wear or carry! When they arrived at the finish, they looked incredible and very funny!! We have put the photographs on the school website so that you can have a look!

This year’s leavers’ assembly was very different to our normal leavers’ service in the church. The assembly was carried out over Zoom with me in my office, the children in school in their bubble classrooms and some Y6 children joining in from home. Parents joined the zoom from home or work to watch if their child was in school, or to help out with presenting awards and gifts for me if their child was at home with them. We still shared Y6 memories, gave out our traditional leavers’ gifts and, of course, had the leavers’ song! Singing over Zoom is impossible due to the delay, so this year’s leavers’ song was a pre-recorded version accompanied by a Powerpoint of photos of our Y6 children. For each child we had secretly gathered baby, starting school and current photos. It was lovely to see how they have grown over their time in primary school.