Malawi Coffee Morning

6th March 2020

This year the children of the Charities Ministry are working to raise money for people in the small village of Chide in Malawi. There have been links between the local churches and the church in Chide for some time and there is a project to collect money to enable the local churches to collectively fund the purchase of a minibus and/or farming machinery to enable the people of the village to generate their own income and support themselves.


On Friday, the children of the Charities Ministry, held a coffee morning in aid of Chide in Malawi. Families connected with the school donated delicious home-made cakes, Hot Numbers donated some fantastic coffee and the local community turned out in force to support us.


To enable the children to be fully involved in this event we also had a non-uniform day and the children made a donation of £1 and come to school in non-school uniform. So that they were not left out of eating all the delicious cake we also held a cake sale for all the children at playtime.


The day was a huge success and we raised a total of £350 for the appeal fund. Our efforts were rewarded by this lovely message from Pastor Samuel in Malawi.



Wow!! This is awesome you even to get our flag! this is interesting and you really working tirelessly I don't know how to thank you but we really appreciate for your great love.

We are so happy to hear that you had a very successful event yesterday.

I will tell the community about this good news everyone will be exciting.

We thank you so much

God bless you.



Alongside the fund raising project we are also working to develop a link between our school in Barrington and the school in Chide. Pastor Samuel has sent us names of children in his village who would like to write to our children and over the next week all of our children are writing a letter to their new African pen-pals.

Photos from Malawi sent by Pastor Samuel
Our delicious cakes and the coffee morning!