Mental Health Awareness Week

5th October 2020

Mental health and well-being has been a focus for everyone since we have returned to school– staff and pupils alike. From 5th October we held a Mental Health Awareness Week in the lead up to World Mental Health Day on 10th October. Throughout the week we looked at ways to support our mental health, focusing on a different strategy every day;

Our first strategy was Keeping Active and we started the week with a visit from world champion BMX rider Mike Mullen. He held a fantastic outdoor assembly for the whole school, where he talked about the importance of keeping trying and believing in yourself. He also showed us some very cool tricks on his bike – he was even able to ride it backwards! Violet and Blue Classes were then lucky enough to take part on a workshop with Mike and he taught them some of his BMX tricks. You can see lots of photos of our BMX fun in the slideshows below.

Our second strategy on Tuesday was Keep Learning and Trying New Things and every class had a yoga session with Mrs Alderton – class teachers joined in too! The yoga sessions had a lovely calming effect on everyone.

On Wednesday we focused on Connecting with Others as this is an effective way of supporting your mental health. We have not been able to see our older friends from The Forget-me-nots Club since February. We really enjoy their visits to have school dinner with us and then read and play games with the children. Every class has written letters, made cards or drawn pictures for us to post to our Forget-me-not friends so that they will know we have not forgotten them.

Our strategy for Thursday was Giving to Others and Being Kind as this is good for your own mental well-being, as well as supporting the person you are being kind to. Throughout the day we were all on the lookout for acts of kindness throughout the school. Anyone spotted doing something kind for another person was given a golden smiley face sticker to wear.

We ended our well-being week with the strategy of Being Aware; Taking the time to slow down, be aware of and enjoy your environment, and be aware of the sensations in your own body is a very protective strategy.

We also sent home a family challenge linked to the work we had been doing on mental health during the week. The children were asked to teach their families about ways to support mental health and then work as a family to make a little video about what they knew. We had some amazingly creative and informative videos sent into school. It was fantastic to see how much the children had remembered.

If you click on the links below you can watch some of the amazing videos about mental health that our children have made.
Mike explained the importance of keeping trying when a task is difficult and showed us some very cool  tricks during our assembly for the whole school.
Violet Class enjoyed learning tricks on the BMX bikes
Blue Class had great fun during their BMX workshops!