Extension Building Begins!

29th November 2018

The construction company have arrived on the school site and have started to work on the school extension. They arrived on 19th November to start a 40 week build project.


So far the most exciting events have been the arrival of the tree surgeons who were on site for two days clearing shrubs and trees ready for the build. The most exciting day of all was when they were removing the ash tree and sent a man up the tree with a chain saw! Both the staff and children were fascinated to watch.


The other big event during the first two weeks of the build was the removal of the old mobile classroom. This has been on the school site for as long as anyone one can remember after being temporarily installed to provide extra classroom space. We have struggled to find an exact date for when it arrived but think it has been on site for nearly 50 years!


The construction company spent an afternoon removing the glass windows and then the digger reduced the mobile to a pile of rubble in just over half an hour – with some very excited children watching on and cheering!

Cutting down the trees!
Demolishing the mobile!