Happy Puzzle Company

30th November 2021

On Thursday 30th November we were lucky enough to have a visit from The Happy Puzzle Company.

During the day they ran a workshop for each class focusing on thinking skills, maths, logical reasoning and team-building workshops. The sessions were hands-on 'expeditions', where each class was split into teams and every team was given an age appropriate mission to complete. The missions were called Logic Island and followed the story of Nathan Bolt, an experienced explorer; caught in a huge ocean storm, his boat capsizes and he is swept onto the beach of a deserted island. He needs the children’s help him to escape the island.  To achieve this, the children had to work together effectively, solving hands-on challenges collecting the pieces of information that enabled them to complete the mission.

The sessions were great fun and gave the children a great opportunity to develop their team working skills and also their perseverance. Thank you to our lovely PTA for funding these workshops.