Olivia! Key Stage Two Production

12th July 2021

Violet and Blue Class have been working really hard on the Key Stage Two production this half term, which was a children’s version of Oliver with a female lead called Olivia.  Back in May, we took the decision to put on a KS2 production, despite the uncertainty about whether we would be able to have families on site to watch a live performance, because we could see many positive reasons for staging a show. The KS2 production is one of the key events on the summer term, our children have missed out on so many of these events that we felt it was important to include as many as we could this term. Working together as a team to put the show together, has given the children a lift and a common goal to work towards. It has been lovely to hear snatches of songs, catch glimpses of rehearsals and to see the excitement the production has generated. We had hoped to be able to stage outdoor performances for the children’s parents, however, given the current spike in school COVID rates, we have recorded the performance and made a film version instead. The classes in school watched the premier and then the film was posted on a secure streaming site for families at home to enjoy.