Residential Trip to Grafham Water

10th February 2020

Our trip to Grafham by Violet Class

We had a really exciting and adventurous time at Grafham and we'd like to share some of the memories we made as well as skills we learnt.


One of our favourite activities was the Grafham Challenge. This happened at night and involved us lining up behind one another holding onto a very long rope, whilst blindfolded, and led us all the way through a muddy, wet and epic obstacle course. The obstacle course had a series of different tyres, trees, slides tunnels and even an upturned boat to negotiate – all of which were covered in muddy water. We learnt how to: face our fears, work as a team, build our resilience and improve our communication.


Another activity that we loved was the High-Rope. To complete this challenge you had to put a rather tight harness and helmet to keep us safe (safety first)! We had to climb this really tall ladder, which was terrifying and exhilarating but you were able to choose your level of challenge. Once you'd reached the top, you'd have to balance across a beam that felt as if it was as tall as a double decker bus or skyscraper. We learnt how to: trust one another, improve our balance and how to manage relationships.


We would highly recommend for other year groups to go from the school because of all the amazing memories that we made and all the skills that we learnt.


We would like to say a big thank you to all the staff at the school, the Grafham staff and not to mention our families who paid for us to go!


Thanks a million!


Violet Class :)