Science week

10th June 2018
This week was our annual science week - a week of practical science activities around a chosen theme with the week ending in a challenge that requires the children to apply the science they have been learning to solve a problem. This year’s theme was detective science and we looked at lots of different science that can be used to solve a crime.
All the children learnt about finger printing and looked at the patterns on their own fingers, they all had a go at dental forensics and looked at the different prints made by people’s teeth. The older children looked at handwriting and how look at different features of handwriting to match samples written by different people and they also learnt how to calculate the approximate height of a suspect from the length of their feet. The younger children also learnt about the different patterns in footprints made by the tread on different shoes.
When the children came into school they had a real crime to solve! The guinea pigs cage was empty and both the guinea pigs and their favourite strawberry shaped house and log tunnel were missing. We knew they had not just escaped as there was no way the guinea pigs could carry their favourite toys with them. The guinea pigs run was closed off with scene of crime tape and the children were divided up into teams to solve the crime. We narrowed the suspects down to six members of staff who have keys to the building and no the first clue the children had had was a footprint. They set about working out how tall the suspect was and looking at the pattern on the bottom of adults’ shoes. The footprint was followed by a finger print and a dropped shopping list and the crime solving teams collected handwriting samples and fingerprints from the adult suspects to try and determine who had taken our furry friends. The last clue was a mystery powder that was found on the floor under the cage – the children used what they had learnt from the Cluedo investigation to work out what the powder was and match it to the powders that different adults had with them. The morning ended with all the children meeting in the hall to explain who they were accusing for the crime and what evidence they had. Some teams thought Mrs Avant was the guinea pig their but most teams decided that Miss Meredew was guilty – when we called her into the hall to ask her more questions she appeared with two guinea pigs hidden under her scarf!
The older children spent an afternoon carrying out an investigation call mystery powder Cluedo. They had a list of suspects that will be familiar to anyone who has played the board game and each suspect had a different powder on their shoes. The children investigated the different ways that the powders reacted when mixed with cola and used their observations to decide who was guilty.
On the Friday of science week we were extremely fortunate to have visits from TTP in Melbourn. They had organised a different science workshop for each class – and the children really enjoyed them. Class One made a volcano erupt using chemical reactions and then each got to make a bath bomb to take home. Class Two had the challenge of building towers from spaghetti and marshmallows. Class Three made balloon powered cards and had a competition to see whose could go the furthest while Class Four investigated electromagnets.