Sports Day 2021

1st June 2021

Thursday24th June was our school sports day. Unfortunately we were not able to invite our parents to join us this year - but the children still had great fun. Blue Class have written these accounts of the afternoon to go with our photos.


At sports day everyone had our own Class activities. Red Class were sack racing, Orange Class were running egg and spoon races, Blue Class were running an obstacle course, the same as Violet Class. Everyone had fun!!!! At the end we were racing on a circle track and I won my race! After that the Year 6s did a slow bike race. If you won you lose but if you lose you win!


By George


The first thing we did was a warm up with Mr Herd. Then we were split up into Nautilus, Brachiopods, Ammonites and Belemnites, while we were doing an obstacle course, Red Class did a sack race and Orange Class did the egg and spoon race. Finally Red Class did ordinary running races, followed by Orange Class, Blue Class and Violet


By Maggie


There was a race.

There was a bike race and an eggs and spoon race for Orange Class and a bike race for Violet Class. Blue and Violet did obstacle races. Red Class did the sack race. It was a fun day and at the end we had ice lollies.

Thank you to Mr. Herd for organizing it.

By Luca


Yesterday it was sports day. First it was thw warm up. Next was the obstacle course. Then it was the races and my race. We started running and I won!

By Harry F.                  


I was in Brachiopods and we did an amazing obstacle course. First we went round a pole. Next we stepped in a hoop, then threw it over my head and then jumped three hurdles and crossed the finish.

By Liz



Yesterday it was sport day, Red Class did a sack race. Orange Class did an egg and spoon race, Blue Class and Violet Class did an obstacle course. At the start we did a warm up with some Year 6s . it was really fun. Then we did the 100m sprint. The year 6 did the slowest bike race. It was extremely fun, I like the 100m sprint the most because I ran against the two fastest Year 3s.

By Freddy