Story Telling

16th November 2018

Story Telling


We have been working on a story telling project this half term with the help of professional storyteller, Chip.


Chip worked with every class to help the children develop their story telling skills. The two younger classes worked on a Monsters theme and made a model monster as part of their project. Class One named their monster Dave, while Class Two named their Barry! The children worked with Chip and their teachers to create their own story of how their monster help to defeat and evil Sirius.


The two older classes story wizards and worked with Chip to create stories with four ingredients from a “can of story soup”.

Chip has shown the children that a good story revolves around a problem and finding a clever way of solving it. To help them to remember this they have a saying;  

  • Something bad has to happen
  • You gotta be clever!
  • We can do it!

At the end of our project with Chip we held a story telling bazaar and invited our parents into school to listen to all our stories.

We also held a joint story telling event with Foxton and Petersfield Schools; all the KS1 children from the three schools met at Foxton School and all the KS2 children met at Petersfield. Chip had been working with all the schools and had worked on different stories with each school. The children spent a lovely morning telling each other their stories and making new friends.


The children really enjoyed the storytelling and these were some of the things they liked best;


“It was really fun to hear stories you have done and stories others have done”.

“I liked lots of drama!”

I like hearing the stories”

“They were all different, some we listened to, others we watched”.

“It`s amazing how detailed the stories were”.

“It was incredible, some little kids made up stories I would never have dreamt of”.