Superhero Day!

12th December 2018

The end of term whole school celebration that was chosen by the children this term was the dress up as a superhero day. At the start of the term we agree on three choices of treat with the whole school and the children are given a voting token every time they are awarded a housepoint. The celebration with the most votes is the one we organize. This term the three options were dress up as a super hero, make a vegetable super hero and design your own super hero – all linked to our whole school topic of what is a superpower.

On Wednesday 12th December the staff and pupils cam to school dressed as superheroes; some came as famous people from the past who have performed heroic acts, some came dressed as famous superheroes and others came as a superhero with the super power they either have (super – sleeper)  or would like to have (invisibility). As an additional treat we also organized for the children to be able to design super hero vegetables as this was the celebration that come in second in their voting. They worked in house groups with the older children helping the younger ones to make vegetable super heroes and make a label to go with them giving them a name and explaining the superpower that they have.