Ten Little Chicks

23rd April 2018
Chicks! Chicks! Chicks!
On Monday 23rd of April we had a very exciting delivery; an incubator with ten chicken eggs was delivered to school. The company that we get these eggs from has already started the incubation process, so we didn’t have long to wait and the following morning there was one little chick waiting for staff when they arrived in school. Over the course of Tuesday and Wednesday all ten eggs hatched, much to everyone’s excitement!
The children have been able to earn chick cuddle club vouchers which they can exchange during the lunch hour for a chance to sit and hold one of the chicks. As you can see in the photos in the slideshow the headteacher’s office looks very different during the sessions.
Looking after the chicks has also taught the children some lessons in the survival of the fittest and caring for those who are weaker than themselves, as the tiniest, cutest chick (named Titch) was being bullied by the larger chicks. He was getting squashed in the middle of the huddle of fluffy bodies and was unable to get the food and water. To help him to survive, we had to set up chick intensive care so that he had his own separate little home with a heat source, food and water and the chance to eat, drink, sleep and get a little stronger before he went back in with his fluffy friends. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of staff and children three of the chicks were not strong enough to survive.
After ten days of chick excitement the chicks left school to go to their new homes - all of them will be living locally with people connected to the school, so we will be able to keep in touch with them to see how they grow.