The Great Sandwich Making Challenge

1st April 2019
This week we held our first Curiosity Cafe event in school - The Great Sandwich making Challenge!
Our Curiosity Cafe is a new initiative in school aimed at building stringer working relationships between school staff and our children's families. Every term we will hold an event where parents, grandparents and other family members are invited into school to work on a challenge along side their children. By doing this we hope that we will get to know all our children's families better and they will get to know school staff. We will also be able to help families to develop the ways in which they are able to support their children's learning.  
The first challenge we organised was great fun! The children and their families were challenged with designing the most usual sandwich they could think of - with an usual combination of fillings. However the rules were that to win both the adult and child had to eat at least one bite of the sandwich!
There were some extremely unusual combinations; tuna fish and orange jelly, cold chicken curry with rice and cheese and sausages with custard!