The Ministry of Design

16th November 2021

The Ministry of Design are a group of pupil volunteers who want to work together on projects to develop the school. Past projects have included the design of the new school library and the design of the sensory garden. Their project for this academic year is to develop the range of activities that are on off for children in the school grounds. Over the course of a child’s time in primary school they will spend the equivalent of a school year in the playground; so it is essential that there are a range of engaging activities for the to join in with.

The Ministry of Design have great plans for this year and so far have completed three new activity areas; the Digging Zone, Dinosaur World and Digger Land.

The digging zone is a designated are of the school field where children can dig holes! We have collected a supply of small garden trowels and the children are having great fun digging holes and playing at being archeologists.

Dinosaur world is an area of the field that the children have landscaped with rocks and gravel (complete with a volcano). The area has a box of large plastic and rubber dinosaur for the children to play with; Barrington’s very own Jurassic Park!!

Our latest addition to our outdoor areas is Digger Land; an area edged with logs and filled with gravel with diggers and trucks for the children to play with – a very popular addition to playtimes.

The Digging Zone
Digger Land
Dinosaur World