The Return of our School Sign

1st November 2019

We had a very exciting group of visitors in school today! Shane, Chandler and Daniel, a film crew from The Repair Shop came into school to return our restored school trust deed sign. Some of the children from school were involved in filming the revealing of the beautifully restored sign, along with some of the older members of the village community who were teachers or pupils at the school in the past.


We were all very impressed with how Lucia has managed to restore the sign so that it still looks old but has repaired it so that it will last for future generations. The sign must have been really dirty when it went for repair as it is a much lighter colour now that it is back in school!


After we had filmed the section for the TV programme our visitors kindly came into the whole school assembly and we revealed the sign to all the staff and children. Shane, Chandler and Daniel then very kindly talked to the children about their jobs working as a producer, director, camera man and sound man for TV. It was really interesting to hear what they all do and to learn about what you have to do if you would like to work in one of those roles.


The restored sign will be hung in the new school entrance hall, as a reminder of the school’s history to everyone who visits us, linking the oldest part of our school to the newest. If you would like to see how the sign was repaired you will need to watch out for it on The Repair Shop programme in the spring 2020.