World Book Week and Story Telling

1st March 2018
Story Telling and World Book Day
Over the 28th February and 31st March we had two very exciting days in school. We started with a visit from Chip the story teller from Snail Tales who spent time with all the children in school over the course of the day, telling them stories and helping them to become story teller themselves.
The following day was World Book Day and as well as coming to school dressed as different book characters all the children participated in a series of activity sessions in their house groups so that all different ages of children were working together. 
In one session the children wrote a story as a group; the first house started the story off, with each house adding their own section to the story and the final house finishing it off. If you would like to read our story you can find it lower down this page! In the other sessions the children told each other about their favourite books and why they liked them, used story telling cards to help them make up and tell new stories and told each other the different stories that Chip, the story teller, had told them the day before. In this final session, some of the children stories were videoed and you can enjoy listening to the children tell their stories if you click on the links below.

Barrington’s World Book Day Story

Once upon a time, at Barrington Primary School, it was snowing. Not just snowing, it was sleeting diagonally into the eyes of the school children as they played in the snow.

Mrs McGregor blew the whistle for the end of play. "Come inside, it's too cold to be out here any longer."

Theo brought a bean to his teacher, Mrs Avant, and said, "I found this in the playground."

Mrs Avant inspected the bean. It looked like a normal bean so she threw it out of the window because she didn't need it to teach algebra. As soon as it touched the snowy soil, the ground trembled and quaked. Then it started... the bean became a small shoot, then a plant as tall as a child, then as tall as a tree, then the church, before exploding through the clouds as tall as the Empire State Building! Up, up, up it went. 


James walked speedily to go and get Mrs Davies, the headteacher. 
"Mrs Davies, there is a giant, green beanstalk outside class 3 and 4. 
What do we do?"
"I don't believe you, go back to your classroom." she said.
Henry raced in behind James. "Mrs Davies, come quick, Jan and Jack
have started to climb up the beanstalk!"
Mrs Davies rushed outside and looked up. She was very angry and 
extremely worried. "Call the Fire Brigade! Call their parents! Call
Jamie to climb his ladder! 
Mrs Davies started to climb up the beanstalk, "Come down now!" she
cried out to the boys, just as Jack slipped.


Just as soon as Jack slipped, Superdog Eddy came to the rescue! Eddy swooped down, across the sky like an eagle stalking his prey, and grabbed Jack and safely returned him to the ground.  As Jan appeared through the clouds, he saw a BUG (Big Unfriendly Giant). Jan immediately remembered the lesson he had with Miss Meredew about the famous legend of the Fireball Crystal tucked firmly in the BUG's pocket. Immediately, the giant swung his fork, the size of a double decker bus, only to catch the back of Jan's collar and Jan, thinking he was escaping, fearfully noticed he wasn't going anywhere. 


Wandering aimlessly around the playground, Bob the peacock heard
Jan's screams. Quickly, Bob took flight and soared through the air 
into the huge, fluffy clouds. Quicker than it took for the beanstalk
 to grow, Bob arrived at the top and stormed towards the giant. As he 
he flew past the giant, his long tail feather, as soft as a blanket, tickled the giant's neck. He began to giggle, and giggle and giggle.
He giggled so much, he turned; tripped over the beanstalk's tip and
with an almighty roar he dived through the clouds, arms and legs
 flailing and crashed on top of the school.
 Everyone in Barrington School was so interested in the giant's 
appearance, they didn't notice Jan steadily climbing down safely to
 the floor with a big smile on his face and a shiny Fireball Crystal
in his left hand.

Working with Chip the story teller from Snail Tales.
Here are some of the amazing costumes worn this year on World Book Day!
Click on one of the boxes below to hear some of our fantastic storytellers!