World Mental Health Awareness Day

10th October 2018

World Mental Health Awareness Day


On Wednesday 10th October we celebrated World Mental Health Awareness Day in school. The aim of the activities that we organised with the children was to help all children develop an understanding that everyone has mental health and that it is as important as physical health for our wellbeing. We also looked at strategies that we can all use to help promote good mental health.


The school was full of the colour green on World Mental Health Awareness Day as that is the colour for the charity that organise this awareness day. We had a huge bunch of green helium balloons in the school entrance hall to start the day and these are now spread around the school as part of displays in each classroom to help the children to remember the work from this day.


Every person in the building was given a green ribbon to attach to their clothes for the day – as you can see from the photographs below some of the children were very creative with where they put their ribbons and by the end of the day there were even green ribbons on the guinea pigs’ cage!!


Every class had a session in the classroom using resources from the Anna Freud Foundation that have been written specifically for primary school aged children to help them to develop an understanding of what mental health is. You can see the powerpoint the teachers used if you click on the link below.


Every class now has a display to remind children of the five things we can all do to support our own mental health;

  1. Stay active
  2. Keep learning
  3. Help others
  4. Talk, listen and spend time with others
  5. Enjoy the moment; take time to recognise what makes you happy.